The Advantages of Using Fixed Wireless for Redundancy and Diversity

Your choice of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly impacts the success of your business. How do you decide which ISP offers business class Internet services best suited to your needs?

For 21st century businesses, having a dependable connection to the Internet is just as critical as electricity. Establishing a connection to the Internet differs from setting up your electrical service because you have a choice of Internet Service Providers (ISP) and types of service packages.

So, What questions do you need to ask to select the Internet service best suited for your business?

Questions to Ask When Making Decisions about ISPs and Internet Services

While every business’s Internet service needs are different, here are some basic questions to ask to determine the best type of Internet service for your business?

  • What are your bandwidth and speed requirements?
    • If your workforce uses streaming video communications or resource intensive cloud applications, you’ll need an Internet service package with higher speeds and more bandwidth than a company with staff that only uses email.
  • Does the service provider have redundant and diverse paths within its core network to your office building?
    • Multiple independent data transmission pathways are essential to ensure network resiliency and dependability.
  • Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees network availability, low latency, and packet loss?
    • An ISP offering a robust SLA is more likely to maintain and upgrade their networks to prevent outages and security breaches.
  • If you need connectivity between two corporate building locations, does the provider offer point-to-point service?
    • Point to point Internet service provides the utmost in speed and security for your data and voice communications.
To learn more about the advantages of business class fixed wireless broadband services, contact our experts today!
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