General Setup Instructions

Great! So your The Signal Co. Wireless service has been installed, and we bet you just cant wait to get online, but your not sure how...

These generic settings are usable for most Ethernet compatible routers, and can be used with your service.

  • Connection Type: Ethernet WAN (some routers call this "FTTP", "Fibre"/"Fiber" or "Cable" modes)
  • Encapsulation: PPPoE
  • (optional) VLAN: None
  • (optional) Authentication Method: CHAP, PAP or Auto
  • Username and Password: (In the email provided upon activation of the service)
  • (optional) IP Mode: IPv4 & IPv6 (some routers call this "Dual Stack")

While this should be all you need to configure in *most* compatible routers, sometimes there are other settings that may need adjusting, Our customer service staff are more than happy to assist you with this, and the configuration of your hardware, but be please be aware that this is best effort, we can't provide support for all makes and models, and you may be directed to the manufacturer for further assistance.

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