-- initial report 08/12/2018 --

At this time customers are advised that we have implemented a temporary reduced speed limitation to all services, due to an ongoing fault as listed on our status page at https://status.tsgnl.co

We are working on rectifying this fault as quickly as possible, any further status updates will be provided via the status page.

-- update 21/12/2018 --

Temporary capacity upgrades and infrastructure have been deployed and speeds have been increased to allow us to test and validate the configuration that is in place. You can find updates on the status page at https://status.tsgnl.co

-- update 23/12/2018 --

We have identified a hidden choke point in the current configuration, we will be implementing changes over the weekend Saturday & Sunday to resolve this issue, there may be a requirement for a change to be implemented on Monday (Christmas Eve).

Whilst the changes are being made there may be multiple loss of data flow events to allow for these changes to be implemented.

-- update 24/01/2018 --

Unfortunately restoration by our original servicing carrier has taken so long that we have terminated our agreements with the provider in question, we have gone to market to tender for connectivity solutions to be deployed ASAP.

Along with this tender process we have engineers working on a new backhaul network design with our preferred hardware vendors. Service speeds for customers have been returned to normal however you may still experience some periods of congestion due to the School Holidays, the school holidays are due to end on the 28th January (Private and NSW Schools), and the 4th/5th Feb (Public Schools).

Saturday, December 8, 2018

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